Old Trafford Back Armature for your guests

Old Trafford Back Armature for your guests

Old Trafford Back Armature for your guests

Jakarta – Old Trafford is back armature for guest teams. Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw is optimistic that the situation will continue until the end of the season.

MU does not seem to spur at home last season. Old Trafford often becomes a party opponent teams. Of the 19 games that acted, MU only win in nine games. The rest, three draws and seven defeats.

Some surprising results ensued at times last season. If the party can usually scored over Newcastle United, Everton, West Bromwich Albion and Sunderland, Manchester United last season even less.

But the penggawa Mu and new architect Louis van Gaal is able to restore the old tradition of Sir Alex Ferguson’s dubangun. Old Trafford to slaughter their opponents. The Red Devils only two defeats and one draw at home. 10 other games at Old Trafford won.

Positive achievement was also positively contribute to the MU ranked fourth in the 26th week.

“At home, we get extra support from the fans. They also always accompany us in matches away,” Shaw said as quoted by Sports Mole.

“But nevertheless appear at the base is different. Every guest who came to Old Trafford will feel the unusual atmosphere. The place was indeed haunted for opposing teams.

“It’s a great stadium and United always look okay at home and won a lot of games here,” said 19-year-old player.