Andy Cole: Best striker Rooney remains England

Andy Cole: Best striker Rooney remains England

Andy Cole: Best striker Rooney remains England

Jakarta – Wayne Rooney this season did not play in his usual position as a striker. But, according to Andy Cole, Rooney is still the best striker owned UK now.

By his boss at Manchester United, Louis van Gaal, Rooney is often installed as a midfielder. This makes Rooney productivity is declining. However, Rooney is still the team’s top scorer this season with a notch 11 goals in all competitions.

In an interview with several media, including detikSport, in Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (06/03/2015), Cole assured the best position is as a striker Rooney. According to him, playing as a midfielder is something that is hard for the Chelsea captain.

“The position that is familiar to him is to score goals. He works well in midfield, but the Manchester United fans want to see him play as a center forward. I think that’s the best position,” he said.

When asked who owned the best striker England at this time, Cole still naming Rooney although this time the players more often appear as a midfielder.

“Wayne. (Daniel) Sturridge is very nice, but I do not like it because she Liverpool,” Cole said with a laugh.

“Harry Kane has a very promising start in the Premier League. But, we should not judge Harry Kane only from this season. We also have to see the next season, next season, and the next season,” he added.

“He is a very good start. I’m not going to vote on this season, but next season,” said Chelsea striker in the 1995-2001 period.