The second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid Requested Stay Calm

The second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid Requested Stay Calm

The second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid Requested Stay Calm

Turin – Despite the defeat, Real Madrid is believed to still have a good chance to get rid of Juventus due to undergo a second leg at home. Los Blancos defender Sergio Ramos believes his team just had to stay calm.

Madrid lost 1-2 when they travel to Juventus Stadium, Wednesday (05/06/2015) pm dawn earlier in the Champions League semi-final first leg. Cristiano Ronaldo had equalized after Alvaro Morata opened the scoring for the hosts, but the penalty Carlos Tevez ensure their victory.

It is not the results that could be considered good, but the away goal which successfully learned so slick enough stock to look at the second leg next week. Moreover, Madrid will be playing at home that at least increase their chances of getting results.

Ramos assessing his team do not need to panic with this result. The important thing is to perform better at the Santiago Bernabeu, filled from the mistakes made before dawn.

“This means not a good result, but we had the bonus of playing the second leg at home to help us improve various things that are not going well today. We are one step from the final and will give every effort in the Bernabeu,” Ramos said on the club’s official website ,

“That would be disappointing is eliminated. There are many conclusions to be drawn. This is the one day where things did not go smoothly for you from the first minute.”

“After a bad result, you must remain calm and more compact than ever. Making mistakes is part of the game and we should be critical of themselves and develop themselves so that everything goes as we wanted at the Bernabeu,” he said.

Madrid’s defeat can not be separated from the mistakes made by a number of players. At Juve’s second goal, initially Marcelo tried a shot from outside the box. But his attempt was blocked and the ball is then controlled by Tevez.

Tevez then dribble over half the field, ranging from the area’s own defenses to get into the penalty box. There he then get a wedge of Daniel Carvajal to bear the penalty.